The 6core paster is a very small pastebin/pastie clone. It has just 1 feature: it makes stuff you paste, reachable by a unique URL you can share with others.

The reason I wrote is is because I often post config files, code snippets etc, that I do not want to be totally public. I want to share the URL with another person or IRC channel, but not with the whole world. The 6core paster is only reachable over SSL, does not publish a list of posts, and uses random post identifiers.

The 6core paster can be downloaded and deployed in a very short time. That's what it's for: if you don't trust public pasters, you won't trust mine either. So, download it, audit the source (it's only around 250 lines of code), and install it on your own private location.

Also, Reinhart and Habbie came up with a nice one-liner for in your .bashrc file. Usage is as follows: Paste a file:

~$ 6p /etc/hosts
Paste from STDIN:
~$ echo "hi" | 6p
The oneliner:
6p() { curl -s -F "content=<${1--}" -F ttl=604800 -w "%{redirect_url}\n" -o /dev/null https://p.6core.net/; }

I think the 6core paster is coded pretty securely (it's also ridiculously small, which makes that easy), but if you find any issues with it, please contact me.

Why is it so ugly?
Because I don't care.


6paster can be found on github: https://github.com/dunamis/6paster


I can be reached at 6paster@6core.net.